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Some Good News to end the year…

….well almost the end of the year as I’m still hard at it until the Christmas weekend, but it’s good news nonetheless!

I was advised today that not only had I won 2 of the categories in this years Outdoor Photographer of the Year Competition (organised by Outdoor Photography magazine, a publication I’ve been a reader of for many many years) but I had also won the overall competition itself!

The image in question was taken earlier this year when running a trip to Yellowstone in February and we were fortunate enough to enjoy some dramatic blizzard conditions as they day came to an end and a nearby herd of Bison decided it was time to move to a thermal area for extra overnight warmth.  Tough conditions to photograph in, predominantly because of the falling snow which meant I had to manually focus, but a truly amazing experience.

This image had won the World Wildlife category, but I also managed to win the On The Wing category which covered birdlife from anywhere in the world with this image of Sandhill Cranes in the early morning mists at Bosque del Apache in New Mexico around this time last year as it happens.

There was more than a stoke of good fortune with this particular shot – we’d enjoyed sunrise at our usual spot and decided to leave earlier than normal to check out some pools which were a short drive away – en route we spotted this one patch of rising mist with a small group of over-nighting cranes roosting there: we bundled out of the car took some shots, a few minutes later the cranes had gone and the moment had passed: it’s the only morning in the course of two week long trips there in the last 2 years that I’ve encountered these idyllic conditions and it was pretty much only us that enjoyed them too!

You can see all the winning entries here.

I don’t really like blowing my own trumpet but along with the BWPA video category success earlier in the autumn and my first publication in the form of Wild Shropshire last month 2011 is certainly a year I’ll be remembering for the right reasons!

PS Both images were taken on Natures Images trips…need I say more?

British Wildlife Photography Awards

I’m pleased to say that this morning it has been announced that I have won the BWPA 2011 Video category with a short film I made earlier this year when sepending most of the Spring with a local family of Great Crested Grebes.  You may reacall from a prior blog post just what it cost in terms of lenses too!

I owe a great deal of thanks to friend and fellow photographer Paul Bunyard who really got my head round the capablilities of SLRs when it comes to video and also got me started with the otherwise daunting process of editing all the various clips that the several weeks I spent with these birds generated, the hardest part of which was getting it all down to the one minute running time requirement of the competition!

Paul and I co-run weekends teaching how to get the most out of your SLR from a video perspective (there’s much more to it than simply turning to the video setting) as well as the editing side of things too and you can find details of our next one here:


I was also really pleased to achieve a Highly Commended for the Watching the Roost image in the Living Landscape category and for my local town canals Swimming Cygnet shot to be chosen for inclusion in the book of this years competition as well.

I’ve never been one that enjoys blowing thier own trumpet generally but on days like this it’s always nice to know that your work is both recognised as well as appreciated.