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Timelapse Gannets

I’ve really got into the video and related side of things this year and will be putting it to good use in up and coming slideshows, talks and an array of commercial projects I’ve got in the pipeline too.

One of the fun things this area offers is timelapse photography and some subjects just lend themselves to this type of photography – these Gannets hanging on the breeze on this summers Natures Images Seabird Spectacular trip in southern Ireland were just crying out for this approach.

There’s a word of warning with this sequence too though: make sure your sensor is properly clean as sorting out the dust and other associated spots on over 600 images was just too much of an horrendous prospect that I just left them in as this was only a bit of fun anyway!¬† If anyone knows a way of batch processing¬†such cleanups them I’m all ears!!

We cover timelapse photography and editing as part of our Video training weekend too – full details here: http://www.natures-images.co.uk/pages/holidays/video-training-weekends.php

Back soon!

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks – it’s a really busy trip spell at the moment so after a great seabird week in Ireland and Wales I’m off to Iceland tomorrow for 10 days to find some more (amongst other things).

I’ll try and bring some decent stuff back for an update as soon as I’m back.

In the meantime here’s a fellow I spent a happy morning with on my recent travels – still makeing me smile just posting it here!!