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Simple seasonal pleasures

Like many photographers, I think that autumn is one of my favourite seasons: after all it heralds the return of good light for a greater percentage of every day, as well as the arrival of new colours to work with once the late tired leaves of summer finally decide to give up their green.

For me it’s the time of year when I start returning to my woodland birds, and the combination of light and colour along with the myriad of settings I can work with will simply never bore me – this year has been no exception already and I’m sure there will be plenty more opportunities with these Blue Tit’s Goldfinches and Nuthatches amongst others in the coming weeks.

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I know for many autumn is all about the deer rut when it comes to wildlife photography and the antics of Fallow and Red Deer in particular are equally as engaging a sight, and proof positive that you don’t have to travel the world to see dramatic behaviour and beautiful mammals.

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For a combination of reasons, this year has been excellent as far as fungi are concerned; this has long been an arena I have enjoyed photographing in offering as it does a very different approach to my normal work.  With some insect life to add a different dimension, some creative lighting approaches and revisiting using a wide-angle lens for some contextual images it has been as absorbing as ever once again.

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Blog 9I’ve also been taking to the air locally for a project I’m working on at the moment, and from above the intense colours of autumn have even more impact – this time in late afternoon light whilst dodging the showers.

Blog 10Simple seasonal images and simple pleasures in their taking too!

Frustrating for Fungi

One of the highlights of autumn each year is the fantastic array of fungi in our woodlands – something I’ve always enjoyed photographing as it’s a different approach and style to the norm of my work.

As well as having a number of local haunts that have worked well over the years I have also run a workshop at a great location in the south-east on precisely the same day of the year for the last half dozen or so now.

This year was the hardest I’ve ever known though – normally there are fungi in abundance in late October/early November but this really has been a bizarre autumn – warm, dry and frustrating for fungi and fungi photographers alike.

There was still enough to make it an enjoyable day with a good nuber of earthballs, a couple of very fresh fly agarics and some nice bunches of sulphur tufts too (although someone had decided to put a boot through the nicest bunch I’d spent the previous afternoon discovering…thanks whoever that was!) but as in so many ways this autumn I don’t think 2011 will be going down as my favourite fungi year for sure.¬† Good job you learn to roll with things in this line and look forward to next year eh?!