Lights, Camera, Action…

There are times when it comes to posting a blog when getting the story right is key to making all hang together – the “reason to post” if you like.  There are also times when it’s simply about the images and sharing them, the experience and the enjoyment of their capture and just why I love what I am lucky enough to be able to do for a living.

This time last week was just one of those days (the last of a four day Best of British Birds break I was running with my Natures Images hat on), the location was Mark Hancox’s excellent Kingfisher site, the subject was that stunning bird of the river the Kingfisher, the light I had to work with was top drawer, the overall experience was once again magical and here are some pictures…. I do love my job at times, and thanks to all the guests who helped made the weekend enjoyable too!








2 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Action…

  1. Dina

    Mark, your lenses are better than my eyes, absolutely gorgeous shots.
    Thanks for sharing.
    When I look at your posts, I hear Satchmo singing “What a wonderful world”. So it is.


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