A re-opener

If you’re a previous reader of my blog, then you’re probably wondering what all this new look is about and where the last year or so images and comments has gone.  Well in the process of sorting out a brand new look and feel to my website, which I hope you’ll agree is worthwhile, it seems that all my previous blogging efforts were lost in the switch!!

The air is less blue now than it was a few hours ago, I’m back online and blogging once more and service will return to normal from here on!!

Just so I can be 100% sure it’s all ok online too here’s a favourite image from the old blog that you might recognise!!

2 thoughts on “A re-opener

  1. Edwin Kats

    Hi matey,

    Let me be the first to congtalute you on your new website. Looking good. So keep it up to date and I will check your website on a regular basis. Keep up the good work.

    Edwin Kats


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